Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm. Too Lazy for My Blog.

Too lazy for my blog, so lazy, it hurts.

Time was when I wanted to document everything I did so I could share it with my readers. All five of them. But then Facebook and Twitter came and I turned to microblogging. Excuses, excuses.

This year is whizzing by so fast that I've hardly had time to pause and reflect. It's been one project, meeting, activity, and errand after another. My friends have not seen me since before Christmas.

But that was my whole game plan for 2010. I wanted to pursue my dreams, finish old projects, and excel in my jobs. All three and a half of them. And so far, so good. It's been an exciting three weeks.

I will be back to the blogging world once my world settles a bit. With midterm exams coming for my students, good luck with that.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Teach in Order to Learn

I am expanding my teaching and training skills bit by bit and have become increasingly convinced that nothing challenges me to learn more than teaching.

I learned the way of life of Lingkod, the movement for single professional Catholics I belonged to, by giving the talks repeatedly for several years.

I learned the ins and out of Lex Libris and other CD Asia products by being tapped to train lawyers and legal researchers to use them.

I learned the basics of piano playing by heart when I subbed for my mother as piano teacher one summer a long time ago.

I learned "Legal Grammar" or English for lawyers when I gave one module on the subject.

The list goes on. I have become passionate for different causes and am able to share them to different groups because I am open to studying new ideas and acquiring new skills.

Today, I learned how to maximize my MacBook to teach music through GarageBand, Pages, and Keynote. I went home eager to practice the piano and listen to classical music. I shared a day with music teachers and it was an amazing exchange of knowledge, skills, and ideas. I was able to tap the creative side of my brain, which usually has to lie low when I'm doing my job as a lawyer and a professor.

I no longer need to read manuals from cover to cover before teaching a new course, according to my friend who facilitated the training earlier today. I need to keep pace with today's learners - my students - by learning and adapting in a much quicker pace than my teachers in their time were required to do.

This new year has opened even more new doors of possibilities and opportunities. I am grateful for the chance to learn and impart, to think and perform, to grow and improve.

This tells me that I have moved on from the things of the past. I have learned from them, too.