Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm. Too Lazy for My Blog.

Too lazy for my blog, so lazy, it hurts.

Time was when I wanted to document everything I did so I could share it with my readers. All five of them. But then Facebook and Twitter came and I turned to microblogging. Excuses, excuses.

This year is whizzing by so fast that I've hardly had time to pause and reflect. It's been one project, meeting, activity, and errand after another. My friends have not seen me since before Christmas.

But that was my whole game plan for 2010. I wanted to pursue my dreams, finish old projects, and excel in my jobs. All three and a half of them. And so far, so good. It's been an exciting three weeks.

I will be back to the blogging world once my world settles a bit. With midterm exams coming for my students, good luck with that.

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