Thursday, July 31, 2008

34 Random Facts About Me

While being treated to dinner by my grade school barkada, they asked me to name 34 milestones in life, a tradition started by KBJ when he turned 40 last week.  I said I needed time to think of what to say, as I had had my share of highs and lows in life.  So I'm posting my answer to one of their 34 questions.

This is stream-of-consciousness, unedited, raw facts about me, probably of interest only to those who asked me to write this, but go ahead and read if you have nothing better to do.

1.  I've never learned to ride a bike.
2.  I was the batch Model Girl during my freshman year at Manila Science High School.
3.  I wanted to be a laundrywoman, a newscaster, a pianist, a dancer, a writer, and a lawyer while I was growing up.  It's not too late to be all of them.
4.  I had perfect pitch in college - I could give the middle C without a pitch pipe.  I haven't tried locating the note in my head in a long while.
5.  I majored in Business Economics in college.  I was encouraged by my piano teacher to minor in Piano but I was too lazy to practice.  I have regretted this decision for a long time.
6.  I was baptized in the Spirit and gave my life to the Lord in October of 1993.  I still remember the moment I was prayed over and my happiest moment to date was then, when the light of God's love enveloped me.  I received the gift of tongues immediately.
7.  I failed the bar the first time I took it.
8.  I passed the bar a year after my batchmates did.
9.  I won in a typing contest in a class in BA.
10.  I lost the Presidency three times in life - Grade School, High School, and Law School.  I didn't lose in Undergrad because I ran and won as Vice President of the School of Economics Student Council.
11.  I am an ambidextrous texter and I think I could win a texting contest if I ever join one.
12.  I took up drama class at CCP during my teen years to get over a broken heart.  I broke it again that summer.
13.  My father named me after a beauty queen from COLOMBIA who competed in the Miss Universe pageant in Manila in 1974 (Thanks to Juan's Proud Poppa for pointing out my error.  Miss Spain won that year. )
14.  My favorite saints are St Francis, St Joseph, St Clare, St Therese, and St Teresa.
15.  There had never been a point in my life when I was not in the middle of a book.
16.  I could play the piano without reading notes at the age of three just by listening to my mother's piano students.
17.  I am the most unathletic person I have ever met.
18.  All five of us kids went to the University of the Philippines.
19.  I have never kept a pet for more than a month in my life.  I do not like pets.
20.  I cannot cut straight, whether using scissors or a cutter.  
21.  My lowest grades in school were in P.E. and Art.
22.  My highest grades were in music and English.
23.  I got my highest grades, joined the most number of orgs, won a leadership award with cash prize, wrote for the schoolpaper, finished my thesis using Econometrics, after I broke up with my first boyfriend.  If I had done that earlier, I would probably have done better in school. Haha.
24.  I was the one who introduced texting and blogging to several of my friends.
25.  I thought I was going to be a corporate lawyer for the rest of my life.
26.  I thought I was going to be a missionary for the rest of my life.
27.  I danced "Awit ng Kabataan" at the Araneta Coliseum with Lingkod QT's and shouted, "I'll be back, Araneta!"  I haven't been back on that stage since then.
28.  I had a brief stint as a travel writer and toured Bohol, Manila, Shanghai, and Beijing as fees.
29.  I worked in the government for 3.5 years.
30.  I served in Lingkod for seven years.
31.  I want to visit Europe and Israel before I die.
32.  I am happier to be on retreat than to be in a rock concert.
33.  My trip to Disneyland and California Adventure was the highlight of my first US visit. It was not the Grand Canyon.
34.  I am often mistaken as a twentysomething.  Hurrah!

Thank you for all your birthday greetings.  I thank God for all the blessings He has given me, and pray that the rest of the journey will be spent with Him and with people I can share love with.  


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