Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guilt No Longer Becomes Her

I think I'm reaching a point when I can say without guilt or frustration that there are things that I could neither be nor do in life, even if they come naturally for other people.

1. I could never wear just one perfume day in and day out.
2. I get bored wearing the same accessories successively.
3. I could never arrive in the office at the exact same time for many consecutive days.
4. I do not play badminton. No one can make me; even if People in Authority.
5. I hate wasting time.
6. I do not like being rushed, especially in the morning.
7. I am not rich.
8. I try to be different and to be good at the same time, which sometimes confuses people, including myself.
9. I never run out of things to be insecure about. All I can manage to do is to tone them down.

And the Number Ten Thing I've Come to Accept About Myself is...

10. Not all my dreams came true. Life must go on.

Acceptance. I just might be on the Fifth Stage of Grief. There was definitely a lot of Denial, Anger, Barganing, and Depression, which some of you may have witnessed.

I am not sure exactly what I was grieving for, but I went through all stages. Sometimes you just wake up to see beauty, and grace, and hope in your life. They were there all along, but you were just too busy to notice.

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