Friday, January 9, 2009

A Conscious Decision

The older we get, the harder it is to hold on to happiness.

I started the new year on a happy note, and my cup was overflowing with joy and gratitude. I could not contain it so I spilled some everyday to the people around me. I was glowing, shimmering, and soaring.

Gradually, things crept up that threatened to rob me of my joy. Traffic every morning on the drive to work. Fellow drivers who display utter ignorance of traffic rules. Clients who are unreasonable, demanding, and irate. People who are mean and show less love than they should.

I made a decision to choose to be happy this year, and I found this first week a bit of a challenge. I did not want to be stressed, insecure, and frustrated all the time anymore.

The world has not changed, but I have, right? So I will fiercely hold on to that one happy thought that could make me fly, and refuse to be affected by negative thoughts, feelings, and persons.

Fierce happiness. What an oxymoron.

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