Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Father, the Techie - Part Two

While talking to my sister in the US about the Manila tour that we will give her and her husband next week, my father suggested some restaurants where we could all have lunch.

My mother, who could hear the conversation even if she was in another room, suggested that we try the buffet at the Manila Hotel.  My sister must have asked how much it would cost, because I overheard Papa saying, "Ma, paki-Google mo nga kung magkano ang buffet na iyon."

He used Google as a verb to find something on the Internet.  He had discovered the Information Superhighway.  I had to go to the kitchen and congratulate him.

Parents like to blog about their kids.  Daughters like to blog about their parents once in a while, when they are being cute as Papa was during this incident.

Of course we will end up eating at Aristocrat in Malate again, because that was where my parents had their wedding reception some 42 years ago.  We don't mind.  It's tradition.  Not everything has to change.

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